What do I get in the package?
With Comfort Wash you get both a washing machine and
detergents. You get a modern washing machine from Samsung with EcoBubble™ technology. In addition, you will regularly receive Persil 4in1 Discs 4-chamber washing capsules in a set with Silan fabric softener according to the plan you choose.

How is payment made?
During registration, we charge your card for registration fees and fees for the first month of subscription. In the following months, your card is charged automatically until the 10th of the month.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
No, you do not pay a deposit in the Comfort Wash program.

Can I buy a washing machine?
Yes, after a 12 month subscription, as a user you can consult us to discuss the possibilities.

Where can I find the regulations of the Comfort Wash program?
You can find the program subscription regulations on our website comfortwash.pl in the Subscription regulations.


What is the minimum subscription period?
Minimum subscription period is one month.

Can I suspend my subscription?
No, not possible suspend your washing machine subscription. For detergent delivery, please contact us individually.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, of course. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Is the cost of washing machine repairs included in the subscription?

Yes, you don't have to worry about anything and pay extra

Order and delivery

How can I order a Comfort Wash plan?
It is available on our website - here. Go to the subscription section, select your plan, then click "Subscribe". The whole process is just a few simple steps. In the section How it works we explain the process.

Do prices include VAT?
All prices include VAT.
Is washing machine delivery included?
Yes. Comfort Wash provides free delivery of the equipment.

Is the installation of the washing machine included in the price?

Yes, Comfort Wash provides free delivery of the device to your home.

What is the delivery time?
Comfort Wash delivers your washing machine to your home within 4 business days. We deliver the equipment from Monday to Friday.

Unsubscribe and return the washing machine

I canceled my subscriptions. Until when do I have to pay?
It all depends on when the subscription was canceled. The cancellation period is one month and you pay until your cancellation is processed. It depends on when we get the device back. This usually means you pay until the last full month of use.

Do I have to pay a cancellation fee?
No, there is no cancellation fee.
Do I have to pay the cost of returning the washing machine?
No, the collection of the equipment is included in the subscription amount.

Washing machines and technical issues

What washing programs does a Samsung washing machine have?
In each of the washing machines you will find a number of programs. From the specialized ones designed, for example, for washing wool, to the basic ones like the Cotton program. You also don't have to worry about cleaning the drum. Just run the Drum Clean program. Thanks to the EcoBubble™ technology
effective washing at low temperature is not a problem and has a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the process.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the size of the drum?
Size of the drum of the washing machine should be selected according to the needs of the household. The larger capacity of the washing machine means the possibility of washing fabrics in fewer washing cycles. If you have a large family or often wash large items, such as quilts, blankets or pillows, it is worth choosing a washing machine with a larger capacity. For a single person, a washing machine with a smaller drum and the ability to adjust the water level to the load will be suitable, so that when washing less clothes, the right amount of water is used and electricity consumption is reduced.

Do washing machines with Technology EcoBubble™ is the solution to the problem of undissolved detergent marks on fabrics?
With washing machines with EcoBubble™ technology, the detergent dispensed from the washing machine drawer is dissolved earlier, resulting in a large amount of powerful foam. Rinsing foam from fabrics is much easier than rinsing off undissolved detergent, because the foam does not leave streaks, even on dark clothes or when washing at low temperatures.

What is Active Foam?
Active foam function uses EcoBubble™ technology to gently and effectively remove dirt from clothes. The washing machine produces a large amount of foam in which the fabrics are then soaked. The generated bubbles evenly penetrate the fabric, dissolving the dirt from the inside.

How to use the delay function of the washing machine?
Step 1. Select a cycle. Then, if necessary, change the cycle settings.
Step 2. Press the "Delay End" button (or +/- button) until the selected time is set.
Step 3. Press and hold the "start/pause" button ". The End Delay indicator will flash and the washing machine will spin the drum to determine the weight of the laundry load, provided that load sensing is a preset for the selected cycle. When finished, the device will display the set time and countdown timer.

How to connect the washing machine to SmartThings?
To connect the Samsung washing machine to the SmartThings app, you need to enter access point mode. In order to connect the washing machine to the SmartThings app, make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, that your smartphone is connected to your Samsung account, and that your washing machine model is SmartThings compatible. Then open the SmartThings app. In the app menu, tap “Devices” and then tap the plus (+) icon. If your device is not detected automatically, select the "Washing machine" category. If your washing machine is still not detected, you can add it manually. To do this, tap the search icon and enter your device model. Follow the steps indicated on the screen to complete the connection process of your washing machine.


Why a subscription?
Because you get more than just a washing machine. When you buy equipment, you have to pay a large sum at one time. You must also arrange the installation of the washing machine yourself, and bear the cost of future repairs. With our subscriptions, we can offer you complete comfort as we fix it for you. In addition, laundry detergents will be delivered to your door on a regular basis - you don't have to think about shopping anymore.

I want to file a complaint. Where can I do this?
If something goes wrong and you want to make a complaint, please contact us via our online contact form or by email (support@movecloser.pl)